Exact Macola Software

Designed specifically for small to mid-size distributors and manufacturers, Exact Macola 10 combines proven business logic developed over 4o years with new, cutting-edge technology to help you streamline your operations like never before. Exact Macola 10 is a single solution that ties in every element of your business including consolidated financials, tracked orders and costs, workflow, document storage and customer relationship management, to name a few.

Exact Macola 10 offers value in four key areas:

Core ERP Functionality
Exact Macola's ERP software will help you achieve outstanding profit margins in every area of your business. With its low cost per user, you get one of the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) solutions in the industry. This all-in-one ERP solution can be up and running very quickly, providing you with immediate value.

With the improved extensibility of Exact Macola, customers can take advantage of callable objects that go outside of the normal boundaries of an ERP system. Callable objects allow simple scripts to "call" the functions of one program into another. For example, distributors using Exact Macola may want to automatically engage an external process that does an inventory check before an internet order is confirmed. Once that order is confirmed to the user, another object may be called which then creates that order into the ERP system. This replaces the "old way" that relied on manual steps, double entry, and potentially added days to a process. Callable objects in Exact Macola allow transactions with quotes, orders, inventory, master data maintenance and more!

Business Activity Monitoring
Business Activity Monitoring—included with Exact Macola 10—monitors your business data and automatically executes actions you define when triggers are met. With Business Activity Monitoring, you can solve challenges in every part of your business, leading to decreased costs, increased productivity, improved customer satisfaction and even higher revenue.

Business Activity Monitoring scans your internal operations—as often as once per minute—and can send email alerts, generate customized reports, update databases and even initiate workflows. It can even monitor multiple data sources at the same time and trigger multiple actions.

Even better, with Exact Macola 10, the number of events you can define is limited only by your imagination!

Business Activity Monitoring saves money and recoups "lost dollars" by catching sales opportunities that would have otherwise slipped by, reducing receivable write-offs and increasing collections. Even in its simplest application—running reports on a regular basis—Business Activity Monitoring saves time and money compared to burdening your office staff. It also completes these tasks with greater accuracy, reliability and consistency than when performing manually.

Business Process Management (BPM)
As companies grow, one of the most challenging growth pains is the management of information. In Exact Macola 10, we've included our document management, workflow, and CRM capabilities. Document management allows users to share documents and knowledge securely- in real time - from any location. With our workflow tools, the system can align all parties involved in a process, and automatically route tasks to the next person in the chain -- eliminating redundant work and reducing overhead. Finally, the integrated CRM system allows users to store customer information centrally for easy access from anywhere and streamline customer interactions.

 •  Document Management ensures that staff members can share documents in real-time and have the same up-to-date information at their disposal.
 •  Customized Workflows allow you to customize the flow of internal processes and approvals—ensuring that requests, orders and anything else you choose
    follows a pre-defined (and auditable) path.
 •  Customer Relationship Management (CRM) gives you a centralized database for up-to-date client details—including customer history, leads and campaigns.

Ease of Use
One of the key—and certainly most visible - ease of use features in Exact Macola 10 is the configurable workspaces. These workspaces use multiple visual elements to turn data into consumable information that can be used to make informed business decisions.

Right out of the box, Exact Macola 10 allows you to take advantage of preconfigured workspaces for several different professional roles. Or, within a few minutes, you can configure the workspace to meet your individual needs - no development or consulting time needed!

This modern, intuitive interface aims to provide the same user experience across client/server, browser-based and mobile platforms. Furthermore, this new interface generates smart, contextual menus, offering users options and data that are contextually significant. In other words, it shows the right menus at the right times and enables you to take action directly from that screen.

The power of the configurable workspace is that it helps you interpret multiple points of information, quickly, all from a single screen. With highly customized, fully configurable workspaces, you'll have the right information at the right time, giving you what you need to make the right decisions and take appropriate actions.