Sage HRMS Overview

Sage Software

Sage HRMS is the end-to-end human resource and payroll management solution for mid-size organizations that addresses today’s most pressing workforce-related business challenges.

Sage HRMS:

  • Drives costs out of business by automating core human resources, benefits and payroll processes.
  • Meets current and future workforce needs to ensure continued business success-finding, developing and retaining the key employee skill-sets and attitudes.
  • Contains and reduces the spiraling costs of employee benefits, the single largest workforce-related cost after salaries and wages.
  • Reduces the costs of compliance and the risks associated with increasingly complex and burdensome government laws and regulations, including avoidance of fines and penalties and helping protect against costly litigation.
  • Empowers you to make the best possible decisions regarding the workforce with accurate, timely and insightful workforce reporting and analysis tools.
  • Balances the need for a high level of employee service for retention with the costs of providing it.

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